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 Venus Rose Stewart

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from Brian's site

"water - he was not at church, he was at garage, bags, bags"

"outside rich mond, concrete rebar, by house, rope in tree line 36 feet"

"May 10th - she's calling you - gps points do not match - down street house boat 64AQ"


Radio show on this case is located below, will also turn this into a video soon.

dt39 Venus Rose Stewart and Kyron Horman missing




Just a reminder, myself nor anyone I work with never contact family members or LE in regards to the work we do...if some psychics are calling family members or knocking on doors...its not us.

Gale and Debra will be starting the search tomorrow...I will keep everyone posted on how the search is going.

A redo has also been done and will post when appropriate.


"DNR concrete (sp)"

this is the same object in the first dd.

"S H  can't see, O, look"

had problems recording what I saw...or did not see.

"police have item - red herring (sp) - 64"

From what I'm aware of LE does not have any item and this seems to confirm my suspicion that the suspect is playing games with LE.

Sorry, I do agree these DD's are too cryptic but I'm doing my best...if anyone out there would like to share what they have publicly, post it in the forum...WE WILL look at it.


Gale and Debra have arrived, they will start search tomorrow, will do an interview with them then.



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