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If you have questions concerning love, business, life events, future direction or connecting with loved ones on the other side ,etc… Then click the”Readings”tab to schedule a private appointment .

Please do not use the contact form to ask your life questions as they will not be responded to. The contact form is to get information on services,etc…

Thank You!

Peace to all

Gale St.John

9 thoughts on “Welcome To My Site

  1. Merry Christmas. My name is bryson anderson.I’m from Saskatchewan in canada.I first heard of you on darkness radio and I thought if anyone could find tamara keepness it would be you.she’s or was a little girl that went missing from Regina sask. Over 11 years ago.maybe this is a case that would garner your interest. I haven’t really followed the case myself but from what I’ve heard the investigators are sure someone in the house the night of her disappearance knows what happened but are not willing to come forward. Thanks for your time.


  2. After listening to your appearance on Coast To Coast AM tonight, I thought you were the most authentic, believable, and honest psychic I’ve ever heard on this show. (Been listening since 1995)

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  3. Gail,

    Thank you for responding. It’s much appreciated. Sadly, I believe he’s innocent… And in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But after what you’ve said… I’m going to have to wonder why he’d ever do such a thing…


  4. I watched your show on psychic detectives and wondered if psychic ability is something a person is born with or something that a person can develop. I would like to have the ability to see but then does what you see ever frighten you?


  5. Gale is remarkable selfless kind and generous beyond comprehension. She was right on point the entire reading and is very honest and forward.
    She’s incredibly sweet and has been one of the most gifted people I’ve talked too.
    My nerves were instantly put at ease when she could sense my anxiety in the first minutes of my call.
    She very quickly picked up that I had abilities before I even mentioned it and gave me advice on how to sharpin my skills after my spirit guide snitched on me!
    I felt like I was talking to my best friend.

    I highly recommend Gale.
    Gale is a true gift from God. I love you Gale! Your amazing!
    Thanks for doing what you do!

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